✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **November 2022**

Please send me the address!

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I’d like the address, too, please.

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I would love to participate please and thank you

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Please send me the address, thanks!

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Addresses sent! :blush:

Please add me completely forgot to add as i thought it was automatic Jami :innocent:


I’m interested, please send me the address!

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I’d love to participate, send me the address please? Thanks! :blush:

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Address sent to all who’ve requested it so far :blush:

Hello I would like to join. Is it too late? Cheers

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This month’s cards seem to be taking the scenic route to arrive in the winner’s mailbox


I’d like the address please. Thanks!

How do we proceed for the December drawing?

Has anyone sent a message to the winner? If they don’t respond, should @halflingstory pick a new winner from October’s players?

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I support that idea, if it seems fair to others.


I did send a message to the winner but haven’t heard back unfortunately. I hope everything is okay…

I had also wondered about what to do for next month’s lottery, and I agree with your suggestion that I host again. I think it’s probably the simplest way forward. I’ll choose a winner Wednesday from those who requested the address this month and aren’t previous winners! :blush:


I think this is probably the best way to handle it! Thank you for hosting again! If you don’t have the time, just message me and we can work something else out!


Hi everyone! I’ve created the topic for December and am in the process of choosing the winner :slight_smile: If you’re concerned that I don’t have your address, please send me a PM with it ASAP! (I’m going to reach out to a few people whose address I know I don’t have as well)

Here’s the link, feel free to post there or message me to request the new winner’s address and I’ll send it along to you :slight_smile:


As the last item to catch up on as a result of the crazy time my family had in October and November, I am here to post and thank everyone for the AMAZING postcards I received and were surprised by! I wasn’t expecting to win, but they couldn’t have come at a better time!

My grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s at the very end of September and then my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital since then and it’s been a very trying and stressful time for everyone at my house. I apologize that I dropped the ball, but we are lucky enough that @halflingstory never missed a beat! Thank you to them for keeping this going when I wasn’t even focusing on my mail.

I’m going to do this in groups of 8 so the comment isn’t GINORMOUS.

Thank you to @angeli91 for the great GF Lake Tahoe pc! I don’t have this one yet, so it’s a great addition to my collection!

@uconn Thank you so much for the cows. I work with some Holsteins, so I’m always excited for pcs with them!

@twinb99 Thank you for the moose PC! I absolutely love moose and hope to see one someday! I have to say that while I enjoy the beach, I too, prefer the mountains more!

@sarahaeyo Thank you for spiderman PC! One of my little cousins will be happy to see it when he comes to see my grandfather! I love Marvel, but am SO behind!

@TravelWithMe Thank you for the AMAZING chicken postcard! I used to have a Hamburgh hen that was a HOOT! I also appreciated the pig latin. :smiley:

@sannah82 Thank you for the Greetings From Minnesota! I don’t have this one yet, so it’s a great addition to my collection!

@halflingstory Thank you for the fun DC Comic pc! It is perfect! Thank you again for picking up my slack!

@LaurenceB Thank you for the hippo PC! I absolutely adore hippos and the frog and the glitter just make this even better! Thank you also for the bonus PC! I LOVE IT :heart_eyes: And I totally scratched and sniffed the hippo. XD I’m going to tell my grandfather the joke you wrote the next time I see him!


Part 2

@neongreen Thank you for the Prince Rupert pc! I love the cow print!! AZ is absolutely beautiful during the winter!

@SharonMI Thank you for the Welsh Pony pc! I have the great(11x) grandson of my grandmother’s first horse who was a welsh pony!

@Divira Thank you for the cool beer PC! I hope you have had a wonderful time with all of your new hobbies! Islamic Illumination Painting sounds very intriguing!

@Hobbittsy Thank you so much for the book postcard! I love it! What a fun idea to have the potluck with your book discussion! Sounds like it was delicious!

@toadallycool Thank you for the adorable chicken PC! I absolutely love it! and the chicken sticker you put on the back! I hope you had a nice winter break from school!

@KristinaGisela Thank you so much for the Greetings From pc! I don’t have Madison yet, so it’s perfect! Thank you also for the post office trivia! I didn’t know that. How cool!

@swimbikerun Thank you for the CA Map pc! I love looking at everything they illustrated on here! So much fun.

@DMN917 I think this PC was for this, but I’m not sure, HOWEVER, I am still very thankful for this neat PC! I love the retro cards that show a snippet of life back then!

@mdmsamm Thank you so much for this neat PC! I also appreciate all the books you wrote on the back! I can never have too much happiness in my life!

@Overquake Thank you for the Dracula pc!! I don’t have enough horror pcs! Thank you also for you list of books. I have heard of a few, but haven’t read any on your list! So I’ve added them to my 2023 TBR!

Thank you to everyone for the generosity and in how perfect all of these cards were for me! I am so sorry I took so long to post thank yous, but it doesn’t lessen how appreciated this postcards are!