✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **July 2022**

✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ July 2022

The winner for July 2022 has been randomly chosen, and the NA WOTM lottery is now open!

Send this month’s winner one postcard for your chance to be the NA Winner of the Month for next month, August 2022!

How to enter:

● Post in this thread (or send me a private message) that you would like to play, and I’ll send you the winner’s address. It’s a SURPRISE!

● Choose a postcard to send them. (Check their Postcrossing profile for postcards they like.)

● IMPORTANT: Be sure to clearly write YOUR username on the card and include your complete name and your address (a return address label is perfect) so that if you win the prior winner can send out your address.

● Also write NA WOTM + month & year on the card (NA WOTM July 2022).

● Mail the card to this month’s winner, and you’ll be eligible to win if your postcard arrives on or before the last day of the month.

● At the end of the month, this month’s NA WOTM will choose a random card from all eligible cards and that person will be the winner for the next month.

● The current winner will also pick a “pseudo-winner,” or decoy. This is the person whose address the real winner will be given so that it will remain a surprise to the real winner until the postcards start showing up.

● You can only win once in a rolling 12-month cycle, but please send a card to the current winner!


Previous Winners:
June 2022 - Hobbittsy 13
May 2022- Draconic 15
April 2022 - LaurenceB - 13 + 2
March 2022 - silverdragonia - 13
February 2022 - angeli91 - 14
January 2022 - SharonMI - 17
December 2021 - ladybug513 - 13
November 2021 - uconn - 12
October 2021 - MMMace - 15
September 2021 - KatieM - 15
August 2021- twinb99- 19
July 2021 - sannah82 - 14

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I’ll take the address please. Thanks!

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please send me the address! :two_hearts:

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May I have the address?

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Yes! I would love the address!

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What an amazing idea! I’d love to participate!

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I’d like the winners address please?

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I’d love to have the address please!

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Please send me the address. Thanks.

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Please share the address

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I’d like to have the address please!

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I’d like to have the address please :blush:

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I’ve sent the address to everyone who has posted or PMed so far. :smiley:

Please send me the address thanks!

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Please send me the address :slight_smile:
Thank you !

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I’d like the address, too, please.

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This sounds like fun! I’d love to join. Please send me the address.

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Please send me the address, thanks!

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Addresses have been sent to everyone who has requested them, and my own card is going out today. :smiley:

Hello everyone!

Looks like I must be the Winner this month, since I received 3 lovely postcards today, July 8th.

@Skittykitty sent me a neat glow-in-the-dark card. The animal (I believe deer) and crescent moon are textured. My favorite character on Animal Crossing, honestly, is Celeste. When it comes to villagers specifically, I quite like Stiches, because s/he looks like a stuffed animal I had when I was growing up. My husband’s favorite character is Flick.

@uconn sent me this great Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs concept art. The queen looks so darn snooty!! Hope you are having a lovely July! I think this summer is going by way too quickly.

@Arylia sent me a non-traditional Texas card. I LOVE when postcards are these non-traditional shapes. And…just like Texas, this card is absolutely HUGE. I can spread my palm flat across it and my thumb & pinky don’t hang over the edges. I love that you call hikes “adventure walks” to get the kiddos motivated to go. Anything to get outside and keep our bodies moving!

Thank you three (so far) for the great postcards! I feel honored to have been chosen as a winner.

I do have a logistical question on this WOTM lottery… @Hobbittsy, when it comes to the “decoy,” do I notify them that they’re the decoy and will be receiving a card from the actual winner?