✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ **February 2023**

@twinb99 Mary, I love the Shawano card! I’d never seen one like that before. Did you design it?

Fun Shawano fact:
Out-of-staters invariably struggle to pronounce the name of this city properly on the first try. This even includes the occasional new radio announcer on Wisconsin Public Radio :laughing:
For the record, it’s pronounced “SHAH-noh”.

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Yes, I took a picture of this mural and then printed on Zazzle. I’ve been meaning to take some photos of the various barn quilts in the county to make a postcard out of too.

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That’s cool! I really like the barn quilt idea, too!


Two more cards have arrived!!

Thank you @RockyRoadTrip for the lovely coffee postcard! The flowers are already popping through here! Of course we have another cold front coming through. Womp womp

Thank you @ladybug513 for the R is for Rabbit postcard! I didn’t recall that they are bucks and does! I love the matching stamps too!

Yay! I’ve received three more cards this past week!
@GRACEPACE sent an awesome Low Tide postcard! Thank you and congrats on the new baby in your family! How exciting!!

@halflingstory sent an awesome GF from Canada postcard! I love the Anne of Green Gables quote, so true! Thank you!!

Thank you @SharonMI for the fun Greetings from Grand Rapids postcard! I love when they add the images in the letters!



The last day of the month I received a lovely Great Egret postcard from @wayness Thank you for the quote!!

I’m going to draw the winner and I will create the thread for next months winner! :tada: :tada: :tada:

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