Lottery for US members

I have about a dozen of vintage/older cards from various US locations that I don’t want to keep or send. If you want them, just reply to this post and I will pick a name in a few days.

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I am from India… can I ask as well ?
I want Vintage railways or Vintage ad postcards or vintage cards from Virginia


Interested - thanks!


Sorry, this is just for people in the United States

Me! I’m US

Interested! Thanks so much!


I’m from Italy :slight_smile: but offer is wonderful :blush:

Ooh I’m interested!

I would be interested.

I’m interested!

I am interested. Thank you for the lottery :slight_smile:

Wonderful! Greetings from PA. Good luck to everyone. :rainbow:

Hello, I’m interested, too. Thanks for the lottery. :blush:

Interested! Thanks for the chance :slight_smile:

Hello! I am interested. Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh I love vintage cards! Thank you for the lottery!

Hello! I love old postcards, especially black and white or portraits of people, I will be happy

I’m interested. Thank you

I love vintage cards!!! I’m very interested! Thank you so much!

I am interested in vintage cards - thanks so much! :slight_smile: