LOTTERY: 100 Unwritten United States Postcards - UNITED STATES ONLY!

Greetings! I’ve accumulated a very large number of United States Postcards that fall outside of my collecting interests. That being so, I am launching a Lottery of:


These postcards are suitable for Official Postcrossing. You may even find a few you wish to keep. Mostly views with some occasional topics.

IMPORTANT: due to the size of this lot, the Lottery is limited to United States members only.

►The Lottery will close on Friday July 29, 2022 at 1:00 PM (US-EST)
►The postcards will be sent to the winner via USPS Priority Mail
►Please start the number sequence for this lottery with the number 100 Please note the entry number of the member above you and use the next number. GO!!


#1 @Inkspell

Large lottery Mr. cliff, thank you for hosting!

#2 @dnrhott this sounds great. Thanks

#103 @CrimsonKing
Sheesh, that’s a lot of cards! Thank you for this lottery Cliff! :smiley:

#104 @ljbbauer Thank you for the generous lottery!

105 @Oceanfun
if I win you can send to my US address.

thanks for the lottery.

#106 @BrianNewYork

Thanks for the lottery!

#107 @KJ_lillianopal
Thank you!

#108 @Rosedawn
Thank you for the nice lottery.

#109 @Riverseahorse
Thanks a lot for this great lottery!


Wow thank you !!!


#111 @Shashidar
Thank you for this generous lottery :blush:


Wow! There can never be too many postcards…right?


thank you for the lottery :smile:

114 @NadyaZ
Thank you very much for your kindness!

#115 @pollymart
Thank you!

#116 @Nekotek
Thank you for the lottery!

#117 @Alyonushka-SPb
Wow ! Great lottery! Please Ron , can I partecipate it for RAS , American address of my friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

#118 @Ukucaitie

Thank you for the fun lottery! :partying_face::partying_face:

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ! As noted in the description, due to the SIZE of this lot, it can only be shipped to a United States winner. The cost to me to ship Internationally would be prohibitive. There is no need to edit your entry (deleting it); doing so would screw up the number entry sequence. Thank you for your understanding.

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