Lost thank you messages with wrong ID #s

One suggestion/complaint: What really is a bummer is when I get a postcard, and write, as is my nature, a long and sometimes effusive thank you. I mention the details of the card, and why I loved it. THEN after I hit the register button, on occasion it will say " ID not found." Sometimes, it’s my error and I correct it right then. But mostly, I have to go to the Help section to fill out the known details. PC is great at finding ID #s, BUT, THEN my carefully and enthusiastically written message is gone, poof. I have to go re-enter the information and rewrite the thank you, and the second time is never as long or effusive as the first. I am ever so slightly annoyed because I put effort into my thank you’s, and it’s now gone. It would be great if there were a way to save the thank you message, hold it in limbo, until the card ID is found, then I could paste the original message there. Or maybe there is a way, I don’t know. Just a thought.


After it happened to me a couple of times, I copy text of those I fear losing to clipboard.


Ah. Good idea! Especially for my LONG messages!


I try to remember to copy it myself, but it’s easy to forget, plus not everyone knows to do that until the first time they lose a long message.

So I think this is a great suggestion, if it could be saved automatically.

Of course, I don’t know how hard implementing that change would be from a tech perspective.

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Whenever I write a longer message for a card received, I start with word so that I can re-read / edit it accordingly before sending it. After a few times of losing the entire message, I just started doing it that way, so I can save it until PC teammates can provide me with the correct ID.

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You don’t need to go to the Help page. On the Register page there is already the link for the unknown ID search.


Don’t know about access via mobile phone, but on a ‘regular’ computer, one doesn’t lose the ‘message to the sender’ when something is wrong with the ID. So as @Johnk60 recommended already, one has the chance to copy the carefully crafted message and store it somewhere (word, email-draft, …).

I don’t have to let search for correct IDs that often (five times of 3100 cards, maybe). But you are right, it would be a nice feature if a message-to-the-sender stays connected even during the ID-search


I agree, my 2nd thank you once the correct ID has been found is never as long and detailed as my first. Would be nice to be possible to somehow save the first one while waiting for correct ID.

This happened to me once already especially for the cards from Germany where sometimes I won’t understand how they write the “1” or some the “9”. So what I do is once I write the message I copy it just in case so I can paste it again. For example I recently just copied one and went to Germany’s page where it shows some of the recent cards that have been sent from Germany and I gathered approximately what number postcard they are on and just tried to go from there and it worked. But I was glad I copied the text before going on that journey of trying to figure out the ID.

That’s a good idea–I’ve done that too, especially for the first 5 digits, you can tell if something is really off. We know for example that US cards are going to start with 100. I think Germany is 137. It’s generally the last 4 digits that get mixed up or a number is added. I’ve been able to guess by trial and error but not always. There just seems like there should be an easy fix tech-wise, on the PC end of things to automatically save the text even though you leave the page to describe the card.

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By far the best way to do this method is to press ctrl+c diligently, if you’re editing a long reply on your computer. Some numbers such as 0 and 9 are really easy to confuse.

That is the same on my smartphone.