Lost/Missing/Stolen Postcards

Has anyone sent out a bunch of postcards and not one of them has been delivered after several weeks? About three weeks ago, I sent out a bunch of postcards for World Postcard Day and mailed them from a mailbox near me. I live in the USA and at least 6 cards were sent to addresses in the USA and usually they will be registered within 3-5 days. I just learned this particular mailbox has been broken into several times in the past few months so I kind of have a feeling the mailbox was broken into and the mail in the box was stolen. Maybe the mail service might have messed something up too, it’s hard to say. I also sent out a few greeting cards to friends and not one of them was delivered to my friends. I’m going to wait till November to mail out replacement postcards as I am getting surgery in a few days but it is disappointing to have this happen. Has anyone else had this particular issue in the past? Let me know!
Thanks, Diana


That sounds evil! But what should a burglar do with written postcards? I never heard of that nor did I have it. I hope your cards will arive safe and sound eventually.
Good luck for the surgery!


This happens unfortunately. The postcards are collateral damage and get dumped. The thiefs are looking for checks and other financial info they can steal.


I mailed several postcards over a month ago that haven’t arrived yet. I can see 1 or 2 being delayed, but not all of them. I figure they’re either sitting in a forgotten corner of the post office, were stolen, or were thrown out by a disgruntled worker. Filed a complaint with the post office and they said they’d investigate, but I’m going to send replacements anyway. Good luck with your surgery @cure_kitty!

So sorry to hear Diana. Since the mid 1980s, I’ve always had a post office box. I mail out a lot of stuff from there, in addition to collecting mail. Theft from street boxes is a huge problem. So much so that this city does not have any street mailboxes. Many people post their mail in boxes outside the branch (where there is a camera), or walk the mail inside to drop it in the box. True, it is a cost and if it’s feasible, you may wish to consider renting a box.


I’m sorry for you.

I just had it once that 2 cards sent on the same day disappeared (they’ll be on their journey since a year in a few days). Don’t know what happened to them, though.

I could imagine that if someone has stolen cards they might use the unused stamps.

They’ll throw it in the next bin or some like that. Read something similar in our local newspapers some years ago. A mailman who searched for money and throw any other mail into the paper recycling bin.
I think it’ll be too risky to bring it into another mailbox.


My outgoing mail has been slower than usual in the past weeks, especially for postcards instead of letters. I always try to put the postcards in the dropbox inside the postoffice or I will give them to a postman I know. I once heard a postmaster say that someone put live :crab: crabs :crab: in a blue mailbox(outdoors) and when they went to open it the crabs had shredded all the mail. I often think of that when I see the blue mailboxes. Just be patient! :ok_woman:t2:


Yes! I live in the US too and sent a bunch of cards around that same time, some have been out for over a month): just sad bc I’m worried they’re getting lost!

Blue box theft has been a problem in the USA since about 2015. The crooks are looking for anything valuable like cash or gift cards, but primarily they are after checks. They chemically remove the original payee and amount while leaving the signature intact. It’s a huge business on the Dark Web. I assume the bad guys just throw away or burn whatever else they find so that is probably what happened to your postcards.
Use check safe pens and order security checks from your bank. These are difficult to alter. And post all your mail from INSIDE the post office during business hours. After hours the box may overflow and make pulling something out far too easy. USPS has been cutting costs by reducing collections. So no more after hours collections as once were common at main branches.
Report theft to both the police and the US Postal Inspection Service (the latter will make it a federal case).

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Yes, my mail has been a lot slower and less dependable this year since I moved to Portland. It was faster and more reliable in Seattle, my hometown. I have had more missing cards and extremely slow cards this year too, very disappointing. I only ever drop my mail at a USPS location. I don’t trust random street boxes because of possible theft, and because I live in a very urban area, possible vandalism. Because I have had so many go missing, I’ve had to resend some this year too.

I was actually wondering if the cards I sent for World Postcard Day were lost as well, but two were registered yesterday. But I know mail theft is a problem. All of the blue boxes around here were changed to antitheft boxes where the mail goes in but you can’t pull it back out. The one I use is at the municipal building and there is a mini police station right there. I don’t know if it would be smart for thieves to target this one. They would definitely be on camera. I mailed some things there yesterday but I could tell there was a lot of mail in the box, which is unusual.