Lost In The Messages!

Hello all!

Can anyone help me to navigate an easier way to read my messages? I’m trying to find some Postcrossers that I swapped with to let them know their mail arrived and to send them thanks but I have so many messages and responses, I’ve lost their contact! (No Username was written on their mail, just their irl name)

I don’t want to send a bad impression by not being able to reply, any help is appreciated!!! :cold_sweat:

Is anyone else confused by the chat system or just me? Is it easier to navigate on a computer? (I’m on a mobile website)


Try to search for their irl name in the messages (maybe they wrote it there, too).


Hi Shiar, one of the things I found very useful was to keep a short list of all my swaps, tags etc on my computer or in a notepad. Most folks in the Forum have some kind of tracking system of their own beyond their private messages.

I keep it really simple:

Swap/Tag, Real First Name, ID name, Country, date of trade, what I’m sending & date I sent it - sometimes if it’s a very special swap I add what they’re going to send me too.

For example:
Swap - Susie - susieq-Narnia - Sept 10th - sent Blue Polar bears Sept 13th

And I put 2 ** at the front of the word Swap when I first record it & take one star off, once I’ve actually mailed it so I know I’ve done it.

Find a system that works for you!


Thank you! I dont get that option on the mobile site… I’ll try on a computer!

I love this idea! I need to make a system ASAP :sweat_smile: I will definitely use your format! Thank you for sharing! You just saved a Postcrosser in need :joy::two_hearts:


You can do it on mobile, too. Either type in:messages or use the advance options and tick the box.


You can try searching in your mails, I all the time search my mails and go to that specific discussion or chat, and Thank the sender.
I would like if we have only one personal message kind of feature with person like social media, so we can keep track.
But I have no problem with current chat system


So amazing feature, saving it for future references:)
Thank you so much :blush: