Lost a postcard sent to me before I could register it

I recently received a postcard from Korea. Unfortunately, I am unable to find it. I wasn’t able to register the postcard before it was lost. On the ‘request help to find unknown ID’ page on postcrossings website I am unable to enter any information that might help me find its ID. With out this the sender cant be notified that it has been received. Can you help me?

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As there won’t be travelling lots of cards from Korea to you at once it should be possible to find it when you only add the country to the request (at least I think so…)


This is good advice. Just enter the country it came from and submit. They will look for it for you.

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Postcrossing has the link on the web site for you to start these searches for those postcards you receive that have a wrong/unreadable/missing etc ID or you have lost the postcard.

The more information you provide about the postcard, the easiest and quickest it will be to find the correct ID.

Give us any information like:

  • what the picture on the postcard was including any words

  • if you remember if the sender said anything about them self or their town/area.

If you can’t remember the date etc. just put in the current date and tell us in the notes the date is not right.

Make sure in the notes you also tell us you lost the postcard.


the person’s name is this:
Name and address information removed by the Administrator.

I fogot to write down on paper the postcrossing id.

Hi @creativeOne please don’t post addresses of other people publicly. If you forgot to write the ID number on an outgoing postcard, you can contact the recipient directly via message through their profile on the main postcrossing website