Looking to confirm requirements for sending overseas from the US

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I’ve recently been asked to do a direct swap from the US to Slovakia. The Postcrosser wanted to swap multiple cards in an envelope. I know that the $1.20 cost for a postcard to Slovakia, and all international destinations, is the same to send an envelope with, I believe, contents as thick as 1/4 an inch.

Do I understand that correctly? Anyone else sent multiple postcards in an envelope to international destinations at that price?



From the U.S. it is the same cost for international mail in or out of an envelope, so long as the weight doesn’t exceed one ounce and the dimensions are within the USPS guidelines.

When I lived in the U.S. I could usually get 3 cards in an envelope for that weight.

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I can confirm that the 3 postcards are under 1.0 oz; they are 0.8 oz. I literally just weighed an envelope of them. Although, I use the USPS Retail Postage Price Calculator and at that weight, it said I should add an additional $0.20 because the three cards together made it rigid.


I have sent up to 10 postcards in an envelope outside the US, I had none return to me. The cost was the same, $1.20. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Indeed, I’m not surprised to hear that you have done this. The USPS website indicates that you can send up to 3.5 ounces for that $1.20. And that the envelope can be 1/4-inch thick.

Now, that seems surprisingly generous to me, and is why I wrote to ask about others’ experiences and understanding, but go here and you can read all about it.


Damn…I’m severely overpaying to send multiple cards. Time to scale back on stamps. :sweat_smile:

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Heck yeah! Save some money on stamps my friend! :slight_smile:

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