Looking through thousands of received cards?

I got an address from someone with almost 20,000 received cards. She asks if you want to view them all to avoid duplicate cards.
Personally, I think this is really too much to ask and I don’t intend to do this.


Then just don’t do it. Depending on my mood, I check a few pages. Your only obligation is to send one card to that person. Everything else is up to you! :slight_smile:


You can filter by nation. Maybe threre’s only a few pages to check…


Totally agree. The most I would do is scan cards from my own country if they are easily distinguishable .


i Usually look cards from my country there is much less them, or send something really new that fits the bill


The other day I had the same. Unrealistic to go through so many pages, so I just choose a card myself, wrote something nice and also said that it’s impossible to try to avoid doubles and said that in my opinion it’s not a double one because of the sender, the message, the decorations and so on.


I also came across similar wishes. But to be honest, I have to laugh out loud if read something like that …
I don’t mean to offend somebody, but the very idea someone could do so much research seems to be a little bit funny to me.
Maybe they wrote it in the profile many many cards received before and didn’t change it?
But I do have a look to get to know the person better and to better relate, because I really want to find something the receiver enjoys. Or at best to my abilities.

If you’re really going to watch all 20.000 cards, we can do a quiz about them together :grinning: :laughing: :wink:

Enjoy postcrossing!


Hopefully I’ll send a unique card and hope she doesn’t have it yet.


I would just ignore that person’s wish as it’s totally unreasonable. I had someone like this when I first joined and I agonised over what to send. Out of interest, I looked at that person’s sent cards wall and saw that they sent the same card to everybody!! I then just sent what I had and moved on without feeling guilty…


These are folks guaranteed to get a Zazzle card made from one of my photos!


:+1:t2: I reject to please such persons. I grab a nice card, write it, send it and go on.


Haha, I doubt she herself can recognize every duplicate she may receive. Or go through all her 20k cards to check :smile:


I only scan my own country. That said, I think it is unreasonable for someone to expect you to look at their received cards to avoid duplicates. Even if you get a duplicate, the written message is going to be different. The whole point of postcrossing, in my opinion, is connection, the written message inside.


One tiny little bit of defense: who knows how long ago this sentence was added to the profile.

But yes, don’t stress (as mentioned by others). Just send a card that you like resp. think will be liked


I guess on PostCrossing you have entitled people too.


I often add a new topic to my wishlist just to change things a bit, and other stuff drops off. For example today I added rain & umbrellas and dropped mosques. Someone drawing my name today might send me something I have never seen before!


I only check walls if I’m sending something Australian, and then I only check Australia. If it’s a broader wish like cats, dolphins, teacups I don’t check because they can come from anywhere.


It’s not even possible to avoid duplicate cards. It’s surprisingly many times I’ve seen people have received the same card even at the same day. So even if I looked through their cards, take this card, someone else can have this card too in their hands. Especially if they have limited likes, say Moomin or Inge Löök.


Well, sure, as you’re from the Netherlands - as will be hundreds of her cards - this sure is to much to ask. But many postcrossers are not!!! If you were from Bangladesh, you’d just select the Bangladesh cards from here wall with two short clicks, have a quick look at the 8 cards she already has, and no hassle at all! :wink:


:de: That’s because you’re looking at this request from a German perspective! :wink: If you were from Croatia :croatia:, you’d just select the Croatian cards from here wall with two short clicks, have a quick look at the 27 cards she already has, and no hassle at all!