🎥 Looking for your short video clips with postcards! (update: finished now)

Hi everyone! :wave: We could use your help!

We were recently contacted by a journalist from Agencia EFE, which is a news agency like Reuters or Associated Press. They want to do a short segment about Postcrossing, and could use some video clips of people in different places interacting with postcards. Things like:

  • mailing a postcard in a postbox in the street
  • writing a postcard at your home (please don’t write someone’s actual address on it!)
  • buying or browsing postcards in a shop

These should be simple video clips (maximum 30 seconds.), just shot with your phone horizontally — no need to talk. If you could shoot one of these and upload it somewhere then send us the link, we would reeeeeeaally appreciate it! :pray:

Because of their global distribution channels, news agencies can have a wide reach and their pieces are used in different media all over the world… so even a small segment could have a measurable impact in helping new people discover Postcrossing. Fingers crossed!


I can record a small video if you want or need. Deadline to send?
After recording to where I send the video.

Thank you! I wasn’t given a deadline, but I can ask next week. You can send us the link via message here on the forum :slight_smile:

OK. I will record something this weekend.

I’m not especially talented with video, but I’ve made a few myself to try to encourage everyone to make their own. :sweat_smile:

Something short like this would be perfectly ok. If you have the time to make some, please do — we’d love for the video to feature as many handwritings, postcards and different mailboxes as possible!


I will try and film one tomorrow!

Here’s one of me posting a postcard in the UK @meiadeleite :slight_smile:


YAY! Thank you so much @candyflosscurls — this is great! And it’s so nice to see a British postbox :heart_eyes:

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Ahhh just realised you wanted it horizontal… :woman_facepalming: I’m happy to re-shoot tomorrow!

Is there a deadline to this?
I really want to be a part of this!

@candyflosscurls If you could, that would be awesome — it’s for TV, so that’s easier for them to fit in).

@Bobbat100 I was told they were going to put the video together “in the coming weeks”, so I don’t have a clear deadline… Something simple is fine though, no need for speech or even to show up on the video! :slight_smile:

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But where do we upload the video?

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This sounds interesting! :slight_smile:
Since there is no clear deadline, I hope it won’t be too late in a few days … :thinking:

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WeTransfer works fine! Just upload it there and choose the option (on the three dots) to get a transfer link. Then, just send us that link. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can upload it to Youtube, if you have an account there and send us the link afterwards.

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It was very windy today!

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@candyflosscurls thank you so much for going through the trouble of re-doing the video! It’s perfect! :heart_eyes:

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I will try to join this :blush:

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Posting a postcard with a picture of a postbox on it :exploding_head: no problem at all! I might try and do a writing one too

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In fact, what I want to know is, when you use this website, did you all watch the video? I can’t watch anyone’s video. I don’t know what it is, and when I use this website, my network is always stuck.

Youtube and Wetransfer are both blocked in China, right? :disappointed:

If you’d like to participate feel free to upload your video to another file-sharing website from your country and send us the link — we’ll probably be able to see it without a problem.

I hope to post a link to the final version of the news video here when it comes out. Hopefully the journalist will use a platform that everyone can check out, otherwise we’ll upload it to a Chinese service too.