Looking for: US state capitals, Halloween & Christmas postcards Offer: Hawaiian postcards

Hello! I’m looking to complete my collection of single-view US state city views and US state capitol buildings. I’m happy to accept any, but especially need the following that I’m missing:

Hartford CT: city view
Dover DE: capitol building
Atlanta GA: capitol building
Springfield IL: city view
Topeka KS: capitol building
Frankfort KY: city view
Augusta ME: city view
Annapolis MD: both
Boston MA: capitol building
Lansing MI: both
St. Paul MN: city view
Jackson MS: both
Jefferson City MO: city view
Helena MT: city view
Concord NH: city view
Trenton NJ: both
Bismarck ND: capitol building
Oklahoma City OK: capitol building
Harrisburg PA: city view
Columbia SC: city view
Pierre SD: city view
Montpelier VT: city view
Cheyenne WY: city view

Also looking for blank Halloween and Christmas postcards (so I can send them to my pen pals).

My available postcards for swap are here (most are from Hawai`i): tckelekia21’s albums | Flickr

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Sending PM

PM sent :blush:

PM sent :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve got Topeka Kansas!

sending you a PM :blush: