Looking for Salmon Watercolour postcards

Hello there! I’m looking for postcards like these

made by Salmon Watercolour Post Card. So far I only have Cornwall and Somerset. I don’t even know if you can still get them, as mine are quite old. I’d be very happy to send a postcard in return, of course.

Or maybe someone can recommend another, similar series (not MotW though)?

Thank you and have a pleasant weekend!


I don’t have any to swap, but as a modern alternative you may be able to get your hands on, Livi Gosling map cards (sold by the National Trust, among others) are quite sweet with illustrated pictures over the map like the Salmon ones. If the brand on the cards you have is J Salmon or Joseph Salmon, they ceased trading in 2017. Here’s an example of a Gosling card:

edit: Also, John Hinde did lots of map cards of different areas of England throughout the 60s-90s. Ditto Valentine’s in the 50s-70s.


Thank you ! :raising_hand_woman:t2:

They were published by J Salmon who closed down just before the pandemic, I think. The cards were originally painted by MF Peck. You can still find them on ebay. They come in two sizes, the old 3.5 inches x 5.5, and later the small modern size. Some were produced with a green border.


These are my Salmons

Please message me and I will send you one of my duplicates you don’t have.
Other similar makes include Lilywhite and John Hind, Dennis Print /whiteholme of Dundee /Colourmaster
Ebay is a good source of these vintage cards


Oh, wow, that is great! I’ll send you a PM.
I looked on Ebay, but the cards are quite expensive there.

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Its worth keep checking for a batch rather than individually…

I’m sure I have some in the loft. One day I’ll dig them out to add to my ‘live’ collection and share what I can


Is this one of them? Years ago, before I got into postcrossing, I made notebooks with postcards as the cover. This one’s been hanging around blank all that time - would you like it?


@LisaMonsterken finally got them out of the loft while putting the Christmas decorations away! One of the Kents is badly bent. All yours if you are still looking!

Oh, that’s great ! Yes please !
Here is a link to my swap album. If you don’t find anything you like, let me know what you’re looking for.
Have a great weekend!

Hello @LisaMonsterken , I’ve had a look through my stash of postcards and turned up this Salmon Isles of Scilly map postcard. If you’d like it, I’ll be happy to send it your way!


I love it! And it’s still missing from my collection :grinning:. Let me know what you’d like in return. I can send something from your profile or you can have a look here.
Have a wonderful Sunday !

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