Looking for postcards for my students to ignite interest

Dear postcrossers,

I am a teacher at a grammar/high school in Werdau, Germany. There, I teach English, Classical Latin and History.
Being a postcrosser I just love sending and receiving mail - just like you, right?

I want my students to get curious about new languages and cultures so I’m looking for people who would like to send a postcard to my class in English or who would like to receive postcards from them in English.

I teach 3 classes, 2 of them are 5th graders (age: 10-12) one of them is my intensified English course (age: 17-18).
We’re very excited about this project.
PM me for our address and for which class you’d like to send a postcard.

Happy postcrossing,


Hello! I would love to send a card to all 3 classes!

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DM sent

Hallo :slight_smile:
Ich kann gerne an alle drei Klassen eine Karte schicken :slight_smile:
Lg, Karin

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Bonjour, je suis intéressée pour envoyer une carte à ce groupe d’élèves.

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Cool! I’ll happily send a card to each class :slightly_smiling_face: Any advice on what kind of things they’d like to hear about?

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This is so cute! I would love to send a postcard to your class! :smiley:

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how many in each class? I teach afterschool we may be able to write them next semester

I’d love to send a card to each of your classes. Please DM me the details and if any specific wishes/topics. Greetings from Aachen, Germany!

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I am glad to send cards for your classes. I can also include a summary description of Manhattan, NYC that I’ve done for other elementary school classes. Please send me your mailing address and whether I need to separate what I am sending by class. Thanks, JamesC


I would love you send postcards to your students

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d.m. sent

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I would gladly send postcards to your class.

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Is also love to send all 3 of your classes a postcard!

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Hi there,

thanks so much for participating!
Would you like to send a postcard to the older students or the younger ones?

Thanks so much & Happy Postcrossing,

If im allowed, may I send all three of your classes a post card? I don’t know if you have a preference for the type of postcard but I currently have some disney ones and some national parks ones that have information about the parks on them.

I can write in either english or spanish too if you want another language.

Hello! I live in Russia and work in a kindergarten. We could send a postcard (most likely for 5th grade) if you’re interested.

I’ll DM you the address :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to send postcards to all three of your classes, please DM me the address.

I would love to help out and send one! I am a home school teacher for my daughter(7) and my niece and nephew(12) here in the USA.

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