Looking for penpalls for my 3 classes students from Russia - St.Petersburg

Hello these,
I am an English teacher at school.
I am very enthusiastic, active and restless woman)) and teach my students to be the same always strive to learn something new, develop their skills and abilities of learning English, etc.
I would like to find pen pals for them by snail mail letters or e-mails. That is, we write our letters, I scan them and send them to you by email.
I will be waiting for your suggestions.
Natalia from St Petersburg.


This sounds like fun! Does it have to be within a certain distance so that travel time doesn’t affect the delivery?

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Yes, it sounds fun. But with you we can swap only via emails.
USA doesn’t send posts to Russia.
If it suits you let’s exchange exchange emails.
Write me PM

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I am interested very much, feel free to contact me if you wish. However, China Post may be slow at times, but finally the mails will arrive.

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Hello, Mine are also 10-11 years old.
We are ready to send you our letters.

Hello Natalia!
I’d have loved to participate - but most likely I’m too old (24 years). As stated in my profile, I’m having a mental retardation of about 10 years, which is why it’s not that easy making friends. More detailed information you’ll find on my profil.
Maybe you could imagine some students, that would appreciate writing with me.:blush:
Thank you for reading.
Waiting for your reply


hey i am a senior high school stu in CN
may i can be a part of you sub
may i have ur address?

I’m interested to send postcard to your students.

Hi, I am also interested in it. Could you share me the addresss. I will send some postcards.