Looking for penpal students

Hello! My name’s Yulia. I am an English teacher in Thailand. I was thinking to encourage my 10-year old students to write letters. Maybe someone from our community has the same goal. It looks like a little project - students will write letters and send them. It would be great to have real receivers…I need about 30 people. The best option is same age students. But I am ready to consider the others choices.

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It seems that #postcrossing:education is a better place to ask.
If you agree, then I’ll move your request there.

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Hi Yulia,
In case you’re considering non-students, do share the address and a few names to whom card can be addressed to.

Sure! Thank you!

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Of course.I have a nine years old brother.

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Hello Yulia!

We’re kids from Berlin, Germany, ages 10-12, and we’d love to connect with your class if you’re still interested.

Lisa (English teacher)

My daughter is 8 and has been wanting a penpal would one of your students like to write to her?

Hello. I’m 18 and would love to socialize with your students!

student from loudi no.1 middle school
senior high school student.
aged 16.
like to writing.

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Hello, Yulia!

If you’re still interested, I have a couple of students aged 10-11 who’d like to find penpals

Hi Yulia! I am a librarian in Beverly, Massachusetts, near Boston. I have a group of students who are mostly 10-11 years old in an International Friendship Club. There are about 15-20 of them. I’m looking for pen pals for them but want to be able to have them send messages by email or by posting to some sort of closed forum like Flipgrid or Padlet, etc. It’s so expensive to do regular mail, although I love it, and it takes a long time, so I’m looking for something where kids can correspond a bit more regularly in addition to doing some regular mail. Let me know if you are. interested!
Alix W., Beverly MA, USA

I work at a middle school, ages 11-14, in california. Please let me know if you want to set something up :slight_smile: