Looking for "Lauren B" from Illinois (Direct swap)

Help! I accidentally binned the email containing a message from “Lauren B” for a direct swap, so I don’t have her postal address anymore and I can’t find her profile again. I received her postcard - from Illinois, showing Chicago. I remember that she had written in her profile that she is a collector, and I think she sent the same card already, if it helps. Thanks for helping me find her so I can myself send her a card… :slight_smile:

@Fanny_V Welcome to the forum :wave:
I moved your question here to the North America community. Maybe someone knows who your swap partner is.
Good luck!

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Maybe @LaurenceB

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Similar name from me!! But no! :astonished:

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I found her! ACWelt73 :slight_smile:
Now should I delete or close this post? I couldn’t find how to do that…
Sorry for beginner’s questions!

I close the topic - you can’t do that by yourself :slightly_smiling_face: