Looking for JARINA from Zwolle/NL

Hello postcrossing fans,
I’m NEW here…so I’ve a question…
Today I got a wonderful tulips card from JARINA FROM NETHERLAND but without that typically prosscrossing CODE - NLxxx …how come ???

Maybe from my post last week …postbox is empty
So Jarina from netherlands / card from March 8th / Zwolle …THANK YOU …WONDERFUL-Wish you good Luck for the garden season 2021 - ich halt die Ohren steif - but what means RAS from lapje ??

Lovely greetings Geli

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Maybe @anon7793644 knows more :slight_smile:

RAS means Random Act of Smileness, so Lapje did not send the card herself, but Jarina did in her behalf.

@anon3028014 It looks like @anon7793644 is Jarina.

O.k. so Lapje is her ‘nickname’ like ‘Widder’ in my case …sorry for my stupid/ unknown knowledge …
Thanks - have a nice evening


Yes, quilty as charged ! :upside_down_face: Jarina AKA lapje.
Thank you @Antich and all the others !

All mail from the North of the Netherlands gets stamped in Zwolle, gone are the days in which all villages and cities had their own post mark😕.
But it is still a good indicator for in which part of the country someone is located !

The card was a private RAS, which I sent because you and your mailbox were rather sad because of the absence of mail… indeed as a reaction to your post.

When you click on your avatar here on the forum (top right) you get an overview of all your correspondence on the forum. When you then see an :email: with ‘lapje’ next to it, click on it and our former conversation pops up.

Wonderful that the card arrived !
Happy postcrossing !



Yes, I this case lapje sent the card herself and it was the nickname

But RAS can also be, when I asks someone else to write a vard to mmy friend (instead to me, or to suprise them).
It’s a bit confusing at the beginning, I know that. :slight_smile: And there are no stupid questions.

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