Looking for information from ROME

Today I realized that the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) issue their own stamps, I guess you can find them in Rome. As well, I find myself fascinated by the history of the stamps from the Vatican City.
I know both of them are really rare and I was wondering if is even possible to get one? and what about sending a postcard with them abroad? Does it have to be through Poste Italiane? Does anybody here have this stamps or mail from this institutions?
Please be kind, I’m kinda new here and still learning :nerd_face:


The Vatican has its own postal service, which works like others.
The SMOM has also stamps, but is not recognized by the UPU. So you can not send normally. But it has some individual agreements, therefore you can send to some countries.
Like on these site:

but we can buy the stamps online? do they have like a post office in Rome?

Of course do they have a post office

You can buy stamps in Vatican, it has post office, or other souvenir shops with stamps, and after you can send it :smiley:

You can see some more information here :blush:

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The size of my ignorance :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: only after reading this post and Googling the Order of Malta I realized I had a stamp and it was not from the country Malta! :see_no_evil:

And again Postcrossing makes me a better cultured person :sweat_smile: thanks for the help :grin:

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that’s so cool :sunglasses:

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How coincidental! I also found out that the SMOM issues its own stamps today :monkey_face: I was helping my bro for his philately (school) club presentation and wanted to include a “find some information from the stamp catalogue just based on the picture” activity, so i went through Colnect’s country list and that’s where i saw it: https://colnect.com/en/stamps/countries

I included it as a stamp in the activity haha ^-^


Yes, it’s a “joint” emission, meaning both have issued this set. What I didn’t know (and I’m mortified by my ignorance) was that “Malta” was not the country but the Order (that I ignored the existence until reading this post!!!):see_no_evil:

What a coincidence!