Looking for indian postcards by India Post(others are fine too) [CLOSED]

Hi everyone, Im looking to exchange postcards from india.

In return, I will send 1 postcard from singapore.

Any postcard is fine but I would love if it is an india post card.

Its a plus if you can write something in hindi or kannada perhaps, but english is totally fine as well.

Cheers everyone!!


Any specific theme ?

Preferably space theme or Famous People perhaps? Anything else would also be fine, Im not that choosy. Cheers!!

do dm me your address so that i can send you indian postcards :smiley:

Could you please define “India Post card”? Do you mean just a post card from India or a post card issued by India Post? I would be happy to send you a couple of cards if you would like.

Let me know.

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May be Postcard issued by department of post