Looking for an old penpal from China


I’m looking for an old penpal of mine whom I’ve lost touch with many years ago. I understand that it’s pretty imposible to locate her but I thought she might be a postcrosser so I thought I’d give it a try.

So her name is --edit: not sure if it’s ok to post her name online afterall, if anyone thinks they can help I can send it through p.m.–
I think she was born in 1988. She grew up in Wuhan. She was studying engeneering (that’s when I lost touch with her)

My name is Maria and I’m from Greece. I grew up in Heraklion. I moved to Athens to study applied maths and physics.

If this rings a bell please write me message. If someone knows a girl that fits the discreption please kindly bring this to her attention.

Once again I understand that it’s really unlikely to find her but she was dear to me when growing up and I would like to know how she’s doing if possible.

Thanks in adnvance for bothering to read this post and please accept my apologies for occupying the local forum.

Good luck niax!

Do you know which university she studied at? Or other more information about her?

Thanks for your respond.
Unfortunately I can’t remember neither the name of the university nor the city where she studied (I remember her address changed to a dorm in uni so I guess it was not in Wuhan).
The only thing that I remember is that she was to become an electrical engineer…
Not much, I know

We need more detail for helping you to find her.If you can provide more detail for us(like her postcrossing ID,name,etc.),maybe we can help you find her in Chinese local forum. @niax

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately all the info I have are listed above (except her name which I took out for privacy reasons and can communicate only through pm)

You can pm me the name ID or nickname etc…I will make a try via Chinese website.Maybe I can get the email.@niax

What other hobbies does she have?Or her nickname maybe you can tell us.We may have chance to help you to find her on the Chinese website like postcrossing discussion group or interests group in Douban.(Douban is a big on-line community in China.)
Anyway,good luck!

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