Looking for a Russian language swap and penpals

My name is Max. I studied Russia at university and have begun to learn the Russian language. I’m looking for Russian-speaking penpals of a similar age (I’m 22) to exchange postcards with, and keep in semi-regular contact. I’m especially looking for people in the outer regions of Russia, or in other Russian-speaking countries (Ukraine, Belarus etc)
Thank you!


Hi, Max! My name’s Ana (she/her), I’m 22 and live in St.Petersburg, Russia! I’d like to become your penpal if you’re interested

Hi Ana, that sounds great. How should I co tact you? WhatsApp, Instagram, email ??

@Max14 Hi Max! Sorry it took me long to reply. Here’s my email: a.tibinikhina@gmail.com

Hello. My name is Eleonora, I’m 18. Do you still need a pen pal? I don’t mind becoming one.

Hi - we can swap if you’d like.
Email me - mrholmes05@gmail.com

Hello, Max! My name is Nastya!
We can exchange postcards if you want:)
My email: kondakovaanastasia278@gmail.com

Hello Max!
If you’re still looking for a new penpal after a year :face_with_hand_over_mouth: you can write me on my email: iuddaria@gmail.com

Daria 22y.o