Looking for a penpal from Ireland

Hi I am Jens 39 years old from Germany. I have been in a wheelchair since 2002.
. I sit in a wheelchair and do wheelchair sports, including wheelchair hikes or real races like marathons or super marathons. I also have the goal of completing the Jacob’s Way. But with the help of sponsors, whose money is used for a good cause, Running for Kids. Then I like to go swimming. Yes, I can do that with a cross-section, as long as my arms are still moving.
I live together with my wife and my dog on an Island in a river. The river is in the Nationalpark Eifel. Much nature around us. We like it here much.
My favourite thing to do is to make jewellery.
I love to read. My latest books were Sophie’s World, Harpe Kerkeling Ich bin dann mal Weg and Fehler in der Matrix. I especially like to read books that you have to think about and that you don’t just read in 2 hours.
I am writing two books. One is not suitable for young people and the other is a socially critical science fiction book that starts with a man who has to emigrate because he has ruined the earth through his environmental sins and it can no longer be saved. Of course, no one bothered to get a pLan because it was too expensive, and now you’re just left with nothing. I’d be happy to give you a sample of either book!
I also really like music festivals. I recently went to the CSD in Cologne and the Jazztage in Düren. I go to every music festival in the area that I can afford. Many of them are free anyway. The wheelchair is not a hindrance, it’s an advantage, because I have a seat everywhere :slight_smile:
As you can see from my photo, I like to take pictures. Older and newer photos are uploaded here at least once a week. So it’s worth checking back daily if you want to see the latest news :slight_smile:
I am a trained diet cook. I turned my hobby into my profession and still like to cook for myself without any convenience products. In the meantime also 98% meat-free.
My biggest hobby is aquaristics, which unfortunately I can’t do as much of at the moment as I would like. But I am absolutely sure that it will soon build up again with and for me. Thanks to my accident, I had to reduce everything to zero, which would have meant additional stress. At the moment I’m getting into nano aquaristics with shrimps, which makes me very happy, even though it’s harder than “normal” aquaristics. But the first successes are finally showing.
In the past I would have been called a healer. I know about herbs, plants and mushrooms and their effect on the body and can use tthem.i Love writing letters and Scraapbooking.
I have more interests and hobbies, but these are the ones I pursue most intensively.
What I totally hate is prejudice, which I unfortunately get again and again because of my disability, which happened in an accident (see blog). People always think I can’t do anything just because I have 4 tyres under my bum. Then drivers can’t do their own shopping or live independently either, if you look at the prejudice strictly. Unfortunately, what I have often experienced is the bad treatment of disabled people. I have been allowed to experience quite a bit.
I also don’t like superficial people and egoists. (Of course, a healthy egoism is absolutely right, but a real egoist never thinks of others).
I like to be a part of your life as much as you should be a part of mine. Just like real friends. I always think that a lot of questions are not necessary. You can also respond to each other and refer to the other person’s letter. But I am not afraid to ask questions when I have them.
I like to write long letters (as you can see from my profile) and would like to receive longer letters back. So if you can only write one or two pages per letter, you are unfortunately wrong with me. I know I have my standards but I also offer the same (at least I try every day anew).
I like penpals that last for years. I have had my longest penpal relationship for almost 20 years now. In December it will be exactly 20 years.
I like everything that has to do with water, whether it’s rain, swimming, the sea or animals that live in water.
I also like bright furniture and lots of light.
I just like a lot of things, it would certainly be too much to write them all down here.