Looking for a Bulgarian perspective about the current situation in Bulgatia 🇧🇬

I am very interested in Bulgaria, its history, its culture, its people… I was lucky to visit it (only for a few days however) last summer, and I have been following the last elections with great attention. However, I never had the opportunity to have the perspective of a local. I guess that there are a lot of different opinions dependeing on if you are from a rural area or a city, if you’re young or old, etc…
But I don’t really know how the lambda citizen in Bulgaria feels about the current situation. That’s why I would have been happy to have a bit of your opinion. If you are Bulgarian and see this message, please feel free to send a PM :blush:
Благодаря ви и лек ден! :bulgaria: :heart:


Bulgarian stamps from a friend makes me happy :two_hearts:

Indeed, Bulgarian stamps are very beautiful!

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