Long Slow Journey

I’ve just had a card arrive after six months! At first I thought it had taken more than three months as she wrote on it 19.12.20, but when I registered it, the date was 19th September 2020.

It’s a nice card, which shows no travel damage, no sign of its long journey. I feel kinda sorry for her, she’s new, and must be wondering when on earth her cards are going to arrive, if ever. :pensive:


I’ve had a few from November and December arrive the last couple weeks. It’s crazy!

It could be that she was not aware of how it works, requested the post card and only managed to send it near the end of her 90 days time period. Then still taking 90 days to reach you, This is the only way I can think this possible. I’m though not sure if registering her card now will count under her ‘sent’ cards and will trigger a card being sent to her now? Still to new for this technical stuff. :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:

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It will if they are due to receive a postcard ie more sent than received

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In January I received a card with the date of May 2020 on it. When I registered it, I saw that the address was drawn in February 2020. I assume the first card in February got lost in the COVID chaos. But the second card, sent months later, still took more than half a year to arrive.

Yesterday I also received a card and only after registering I realised it had travelled exactly 100 days.
I had a card take 217 days to the USA - that is 7 months.
And one that took 4 months to Germany last year.

But the best one is… on 23 March (2021) my penpal from Brazil received my letter sent 8 April 2020! (which is a year tomorrow, coincidentally).

The frequency with which these things happen in the pandemic is quite crazy, but the fact that they happened at all is not, it happened even before. But not this often!

Why? Mail takes long. Sometimes very long, pandemic or not, and even more with pandemic as I’ve just said. And if you are referring to expired cards, it is 60 days :slight_smile:

Yes it definitely counts. As Mundoo said, it will trigger a card being sent to that person if he/she is due a card.


It could also be that she resent the card after three months when you didn’t register it and she thought it might be lost. Which it could be. Sometimes, people do this.


I love that song. It reminds me of all the plane journeys I used to take on my own. :pensive:

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I just registered a card from Germany that was postmarked 63 days ago, a journey that used to take 7-14 days at most.

I have had weeks without a postcard, and then a cluster of 30 at once. The pandemic postal system is playing merry havoc with my Postcrossing stats! :mask:

I received a card yesterday from Russia that had been sent 140 days when I registered it. It had stamps on it and had been postmarked. The odd thing about it was it arrived in an envelope with a Tulsa OK postmark on it! I’m assuming someone got it by mistake many states away and forwatit to me. I’m thankful they did. Wish they had included a note!


The US mail system is still having problems…I have cards going to Europe and still undelivered after more than a month

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