Good Morning to all you good people of the Isles from the grey fringes of London! :wave:

Does anybody out there happen to have a Mr Bean card that he/she would be willing to swap?

I’m asking for a non-English speaking friend (whom you would make VERY happy)…PM me and I’ll be delighted to provide details.

I realise this is a bit of a long shot. Thanks for reading! :heart:


OoOoOoh now you have me wanting to look! Good request Gopher.

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I did at one stage have a Mr Bean letter-writing set, but not sure if I have any of the paper left. As for cards, not seen any, but will keep my eye out…

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I’m so jealous, @FairyFoot ! I love those silly writing sets - I wish they still made them here in the West. I have a “Mr Blobby” set (it’s TERRIFYING); I ration the paper and use it only for letters to Japan. They seem to love silly stationery. :+1:

Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled. :wave:

Rather tenuous, but I have a postcard of the painting “Whistler’s Mother”, which featured in the first Mr Bean film…

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Hi @LondonGopher
I’ve seen these for sale - if that’s any use to you - but don’t have any in my stash at the moment, sorry. Might just be persuaded to buy some though. Can you ever have too many postcards?


That’s so meta, Chris! Thanks! :+1:

In the end I suggested that [my swapping buddy] post in the tags (he never has before) to see if he can find Mr B.

What is this “too many postcards” of which you speak? :wink:

Thanks for the link!

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You’re welcome! DM me your address if your friend would like a very tenuous connection to the world of Mr Bean and I’ll send it your way!

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Thanks. :wave:

Going through my albums of unused postcards (yes I actually collect unused postcards shocking isn’t it) I and noticed I have Mr Bean in his mini postcard

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I will DM you. :+1: