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Long message about WPD makes markup wrong when you click on the WPD icon.

Xiaomi Mi 9 lite


Me too :wave:

Xiaomi Mi 10T lite

But me it doesn’t bother a lot as I don’t use my phone very often for Postcrossing.

it happens only on phone, not on Laptop or Desktop

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It also happens for me when clicking a WPD2 badge, if the Postcrosser has few other badges. I am using a different brand of mobile phone.

Thank you for reporting this.

I’ve made some tweaks to hide the years on the tablet/mobile layout to prevent it.

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Now the problem is solved for vast majority of profiles, but profiles with 5 badges (with WDP) are still affecting with this in my phone.

I get this too, working from laptop computer.

I’ve some more changes that should make things fit for now. Later I’ll have to come up with some tooltip solution as we’ll bump into this again eventually.


@paulo Now there is another problem.
After clicking on WPD icon there is a redirection to https://worldpostcardday.com/. It’s unexpected. I’d like to see a text on the postcrossing site instead of this.

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Same here!

Hover on touchscreens doesn’t always play well with clickable elements.

Until we have proper tooltip system, I have moved the links from the icons to the text.

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