Long lost card?

I think I just got a card that’s almost a year old, which I think is pretty cool. I assume it has to have been from a trade from when I first joined last year bc it looks familiar (and there’s no number to register), but sadly there’s no username for me to find the person again. Can any of you read the date on top and tell me if I’m reading it right?


The date looks like 22/11/13 to me - so Nov 13, 2011 - can you check your records/messages for a swap around that time?

If you can’t find any record, it might be worth asking Admin to check whether it might be an official card without an ID. Can you tell by the stamps, what country it’s from?

You can contact Admin here & give them as much info about the card, including images of the card, as you can: Contact us


I think it might be from this offer:

At least that exact same card was offered and you responded to it.


Wow I didn’t know how to find an old post so easily, thank you! It looks like that is it and the timeframe fits perfectly

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Thank you! Another member very nicely (and quickly - I’m impressed) found the post it was from. It’s from a trade in November of 2022


If you go to any user profile, you may see the activity in chronological order (as long as it is not set to private at least).

As you haven’t posted too much on the forums it was really easy to spot :slight_smile:


Oh it definitely happens. I received a postcard, with no exaggeration at least 5+ years later. Couldn’t register it obviously because it was too old and the person was inactive by then.