Long letters? Where to get them from?!

Hi everyone!!

I have recently posted here requesting long letters in exchange for postcards and coins from Dubai. It was for a project that I was working on.
Unfortunately, mostly of the mail I received was just a postcard with a few words…

I am planning to start a new project for a friend’s birthday gift, and I am looking for long letters on a specific theme.
Before posting my request and offer on the forum, I would like to know if anyone requested long letters before, and how did it go? Is there somewhere in particular that you would recommend I post my request on?
Also, if you were willing to help with my project, what would I suggest I offer in return? Postcards, letters, coins, stamp sheets… etc? Let me know what you think would work!

Looking forward to hearing your answers!


what kind of letters are you thinking of? A stand-alone letter regarding a certain topic or rather something else?

Yes I am looking to get stand-alone long letter on a certain topic.

I have some experience from swapping and mail trading so was looking for the topics you have made to see if I can help, but the one about long letters seems to be deleted (?).

Anyway, I have learnt that when you have to be very clear and precise on what you are looking for when doing swaps. Sometimes people seems to have a “swapping fever” going on, so they join several tags, RR and private swaps at once, and sometimes seems to forget to check details. So it is good idea to mention your wishes again in private message and see that they for real confirm that they are going to send you what you are looking for. And don’t give them your address before there has been a clear agreement! You are from a quite rare country, so I would imagine that your offer is going to attract also members who are going to counter-offer for something else.

I haven’t requested long letters but in my opinion it is always easiest to offer to send something as similar as possible. In this case it could be a letter or postcard (I would be happy to exchange a letter for a postcard), but stamps or anything else small works too. Just write down right away everything you are able to offer, so it is easier for people to see if there is anything they would like to have. Posting the pictures of your offers makes it always more attractive, especially if the photos are clearly taken or scanned by you (photos from internet are not that good).

It is also good idea to check the members’ profiles to see if they do penpaling or are active with swapping, so you know they got the thrill. You can even browse a bit around and check if you can find any letter-writing interested people who are open for swapping.

For the place, I am not actually sure if this should be in “penpals wanted” or “other items” category… I guess “other items” suits best as you are looking for one-time letter and you are offering something else too, but the most experienced letter writers might be checking only the penpal category… Maybe you could see if you find anybody to contact there? Maybe answer for somebody’s penpal offer and see if they would like to do one-time letter exchange?


This is very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this with me.
I agree, with my previous project I think some people wanted to receive a postcard from Dubai, however they didn’t seem to be interested in long letters. It could’ve been the “swapping fever” too.

I take what you said into consideration when writing my post. Thank you very much once again!

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No problem! I hope it will go well with your next offer :slight_smile: Feel free to hit me up, when you have made it. I don’t usually do letters nowadays, but if the theme fits me I could write a one-time letter.

In the section for travelling notebooks (#games-activities:notebooks) some people do traveling sheets instead of actually having a notebook travelling around.
This might be something for you.

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Depending on the topic - I’m game :slight_smile: Contact me then, if you like.

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Count me in!

I like to write and there is never enough space for it in a postcard.


Thank you! will do that

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I’m down for writing a one-off letter, PM me the details if you’re interested.

For me it depends clearly on the topic if I have much to write or not. But in gerneal I’m happy to help

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Hello! If you still need a participant I’d be happy to send a long letter. PM me if you still need one!

What kind of topic?

I like to write letters. If the topic is not too complicated for me, I will be happy to write you :slight_smile:
Please, contact me when you are ready.