London to Edinburgh to Lock Ness to Glen Coe/London

arriving at LHR early March and looking to connect with PCers who would like to help me with entertainment in those areas. Anything and everywhere connected to the Outlander tv/books by Gabaldon; also castles, museums, hiking, lighthouses, places of interest, standing stones, places to stay, foods to eat (i’m from the US - i want to try local foods) anything of interest. we will be driving


If you have some time in London, I recommend their excellent Postal Museum!

(I’ve also moved this post to the British Isles section, where you’ll probably get more recommendations)


also, could i get your email so i could contact you whenever we go to portugal?

You could head to Bath for its Postal Museum:

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Thanks… where is Bath?

Bath is about 2 hours drive west of London, mostly via the M4 motorway.

Bath is also a UNESCO WHeritageSite if that interests you

Depending on time in London I would look at
Tower of London
British Museum
National Gallery
Thames river cruise
Buckingham Palace

If you’re heading over to Bath I’d highly recommend Avebury as a quieter alternative to Stonehenge - It’s part of the same UNESCO listing and has multiple sites you can get close to (they even built a pub IN the circle)

For stops as you head North there’s Stratford-Upon-Avon (Shakespeare), Ironbridge (UNESCO), Shrewbury (Historic Town). You could even swing over further West into Wales for Snowdonia National Park and the coast road, with plenty of big Castles!

Heading into the North of England you can drive through The Lake District National Park (also UNESCO), to the Borders and Drumlanrig Castle (Outlander Filming), Inveraray is a lovely historic town just outside of Loch Lomond NP (home of the Campbells) and from there it’s easy to get to Kilmartin Glen (Standing Stones & LOTS of Neolithic Archeology), and head up the Coast Road to Glen Coe, then up the Great Glen alongside Loch Ness to Urqheart Castle and Culloden

From there you can head back down on the East side to Stirling and Edinburgh (it looks like there was a lot of Outlander Filming between these two cities), with potential Speyside Distillery stops along the way, and historic Culross (also an Outlander location). From there you hit the borders (Eyemouth is lovely and has great Gelato) and English castles with Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, and Alnwick. There’s also the historical Cathedral Cities of Durham and York, or you could head inland to the scenic bits of Hadrians Wall. There’s plenty more (I haven;t even mention the Peaks)- but from there it’s straight down the A1 back to London

I’ve put a few places into google maps to give you an idea of how far apart they are
1 - London, Wales and Lakes
2 - Lakes to Culloden
3 - Culloden to Eyemouth
4 - Eyemouth to York

Helpful Links: Outlander - Filming Locations in Scotland Map | VisitScotland,,
Outlander | Leading Public Body for Scotland's Historic Environment

Sorry for the text wall!
Hope you’ve found this helpful, feel free to DM me if you want to chat or get some more specific recommendations


again, thank you, NvGal