Local postcard series! Do you have/know any?

There are lots of designers that sell postcard series, but I love it when series are even more local, even if that means they’re only available in one region. Maybe it’s hard to differentiate from normal tourist cards, so here are some examples of what I was thinking about:

A county in Kansas recently released a local postcard series done in the old WPA parks/vintage travel poster style of postcards. They’e not places tourists would normally want postcards of (they’re just local parks) but artists were specially commissioned to highlight local attractions.

Oregon had a tourism campaign in 2019 that had a lovely series of free postcards called Only Slightly Exaggerated. These ones were more for general tourism, but the theme was very specific and as part of one campaign.


I’m sure there are more out there. Do you have any favorite local examples of postcards?


In a town nearby they have this alphabet series called ‘Faces of Lo’ . All 26 postcards show a letter with something very specific for the town ‘Lochristi’, ‘Lo’ in short.


I love these! :heart_eyes: What did they put for X? (I think I see an X.)

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I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to go and buy the set… if ever I pass by during opening hours :wink:

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There’s a series of illustrated Tucson, Arizona postcards that I really like! I get them from random gift shops around town, a lot cheaper and easier than buying them online.

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The Akron Art Museum in Akron, Ohio has a series showcasing the neighborhoods throughout the city.

This is one example.

Here is a link to see the others in the series.

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These are great! I love the retro style.

A great example of a local series. I’ll keep an eye out if I’m ever in Akron!

There are local artists who print their paintings on postcards, there is a publishing house that prints postcards with views of the city and not only.

there are sets of postcards with photos of the city