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Do we have list of Hello in different languages displayed in profile page? Can this list be added in FAQ section, if so anyone see the missing language entry can send their suggestion to POSTCARD team for update.



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We have already such a Topic
Dictionaries for Postcrossers
It is pinned in the General Topics section, where everyone can find it.

Hi Kiran, there definitely are some languages missing & it would be great to add them.

The Hello’s are in 2 places currently - the first is in the upper right corner of the main Postcrossing web site next to your profile pictures & it rotates through a bunch of hellos in different languages. Additions to that would need to go to the admin team.

The 2nd place is in the Dictionaries for Postcrossers wiki which currently has 45 languages & can be added to as well by anyone. Dictionaries for Postcrossers (wiki)

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