Linocuts and carved stamps

For postcards I print linoprints on white 300gsm cardstock (Bristol paper) or even 400gsm cardstock.
Bristol is really good for postcards because of it’s stiffness.

If I want to print on coloured paper I take whatever I can get hold of with a smooth but not glossy surface. I it’s not sufficiently sturdy for postcards, I glue it onto another cardstock.


I haven’t used any of my stamps for Postcrossing, but I’ve carved a few for letterboxing:

Maybe it would be fun to carve some for use on postcards too…


These are amazing — so intricate! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :smiley:
I didn’t draw the artwork they’re based on myself, but I was really pleased with the carve and how they came out. I’m new to the hobby and still figuring out what tools and techniques work best for me. It can be tricky to get some of the fine details and it usually takes me ages to complete a carve, but it’s also very satisfying!

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These are so good!! :heart_eyes:

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These are great. I was given a lino print kit for Christmas and I haven’t done much with it. I’m now inspired. Thank you.

Give it a try and show us what you made! :blush:

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I’ll give it a go :grin:

I gave it a go - so relaxing. Decided to carve an old eraser. As I and a couple of my pen friends like tulips I thought it would be nice to have a tulip stamp.


Next purchase - erasers. Or raid my nieces pencil case :laughing:


Isn’t there some carving rubber in your linoprint set? These often come with “EZ carve”, “soft carve” or similar stuff.

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Yes there is but I saw the eraser, thought “Oooo I’ll do that” and off I went. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did this one about an hour ago using carving rubber from the kit. The material is not as forgiving. I prefer the first one as it was spontaneous.



Just thought I’d share this here. I’ve had a set of soft carving rubber and speedball linoleum cutting tool (came in a set) for quite awhile. With the arrival of the Dungeons and Dragons art boxed set, I was motivated to give carving a new stamp a try with this baby dragon holding a coin. My most detailed attempt so far, and wow did it kick my butt! The uneven lines and cut marks give it a certain rough aesthetic. With a little colored pencil I’m super happy with the results!


This is amazing! :star_struck:

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i love making rubber stamps by carving ! i actually use flat erasers, chisels and a design knife that i bought at a 100 yen shop, like a euro shop.

i started making eraser stamps of my own in september and already made about 20 stamps :slight_smile:

here are my latest eraser stamps that i carved, a mushroom and a bird carrying a letter :


yesterday i made a carved stamp of a snowy town with two people walking there.


i recently also made a hedgehog carved stamp. here is my handmade postcard made with the hedgehog stamp and nice origami paper of tree design :


My first stamp. It was so much fun to make! Thank you @voiceofmax for the idea.


I LOVE designing and carving my own stamps.

I use an X-acto knife for about 95% of the work and scoop out the remaining large areas with a lino tool.

Here are a few recent ones:

And some Art Card-Size stamps of Superman and Lois Lane, that I did for a swap:)


Those are cool! I especially like the Superman one :grinning:

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My latest blockprint postcard. It would be fun to try to make one blockprint each month of 2022