Link to Postcrossing Profile

It seems to me that there should be some link in the profile of the forum user to their own profile on the Postcrossing site. Moreover, it is desirable that this link be visible in the user card.
This is all the more important because many of the forum users profiles are hidden and it is absolutelly not clear who we are dealing with.

I think the hidden profile option on the forum is superfluous. It is not clear what and from whom you can hide here.
If a person does not want to describe themselves, they can not fill out the profile, but it makes no sense to fill in and hide from all.

All profiles of forum users are already closed from the outside world.
But for other forum members, let it be at least a link to Postcrosser’s Profile.
I think the forum should be better integrated with the Postcrossing site.


Just click on the :postcrossing: and you’ll get taken to the official profile of the member.

That depends on what the member has chosen. We can choose if “only members” and “everyone” can see our profile.


@greenskull: There’s already a link. I don’t know how to do screenshots, so I’ll have to describe it: There’s a P surrounded by red (looks like a postage stamp) underneath/beside your name on the usercard. If you click on it, it will lead to your official PC profile. Let me know if I’m not describing it well enough and I will try again.

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One of these days I’m going to have to learn how to do screenshots. :laughing:


You might have a button on your keyboard that says “prt sc”, “Print Screen” or something like that. If you click that, it takes a screenshot of the entire screen. On some computers it’s easy to crop it to show only the part you want to show. On other computers it slightly more hazzle. (I have to insert in into Paint and crop it there. Annoying, but it works!)

But my prefered method of taking screenshots is to use a tool called “snipping tool”. If you use a Windows computer, go to the windows icon in the bottom, left corner, and search for “snipping tool”. It lets you choose the area you want to take a screenshot of.

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The New Forum is an addition to the main Postcrossing site, don’t you agree?

Even though none of the cards contain a link to the Postcrossing user’s profile, I know Ana and Bille becouse they are quite active users of the old forum.

But the third most active New Forum user Feuerstuhl is some kind of mysterious person. How can I look his profile on the Postcrossing site?

Likewise, I have no idea how to look the profile of the less mysterious Cassiopheia.
It looks like the New Forum is itself, and the Postcrossing site is itself.

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Just click on the :postcrossing: next to her username.

And the option to hide the profile is not because of the bio, but because of the stats listed on the profile. Many people don’t like when it’s easily accessible or even when they are online. We discussed it a lot in the Sandbox. Most (that like this option in general) would prefer to only hide the stats and / or online status, but keep the bio visible. Unfortunately it’s not possible. Therefore some (like me) decided to don’t hide, others like @Feuerstuhl preferred to hide all.

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Wow! I see :wink: The P letter is a link. Thank you!
I :heart::heart::heart: Postcrossing!

Please forgive my carelessness :slight_smile:

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I was never called a mysterious person before.
I feel kind of special now.

I would prefer to only hide some parts, too. But, alas, that is not possible, and I prefer it like this. You have to choose between letting others see nothing or everything, there is no third option :woman_shrugging:


I think it would be better to have the link by name in the User Card but not P letter.
It is more logical and ergonomic.

I can imagine how many users click the name and get nothing in response :slight_smile:
English is not my native language, so I may not be quite accurate in my choice of words. Sorry for that.


Screenshot/screengrab on a Mac: press cmd shift 4 all at once (easy enough with your left hand) and cross hairs appear on the screen. Click and drag the cross hairs to surround the part you want to grab. Let go. The screengrab appears on the desktop, viz:

But the name is already linked to the forum profile, which is way more logical in my opinion. And the link to the main site profile right next to it with the little :postcrossing:)