Linguistic exchange for students age 13 (more or less)

Hi, everybody!

I teach Arts and Crafts at a Spanish High School. We are trying to organize a regular postcard/letter exchange in English with groups of students from abroad. We would prepare postcards at Arts & Crafts that would be written at the English lessons. The artistic part is not mandatory at all for we understand that coordination among teachers is not always as easy… All the postcards would be sent in packs due to economic reasons and it could be performed with different schools.
We have two groups of 17 students, one of 23, one of 26 and one of 20, that is 103 altogether, although we suspect not all of them will face the task with the same enthusiasm, at least at the beginning.

If anyone is interested, please pm me after making sure our countries mail to each other at the postal monitor.

Thanks a lot,


Hello! I am a student from China! I’m 14 years old and love collecting postcards from all over the world! I can’t send postcards in bulk, can we exchange just a few? If you can, please give me the address and I will send the postcard in an envelope!