Limited ❤️

I’m curious and a little frustrated with the limitations of :heart:ing. It’s a great way to acknowledge someone without having to send a full reply or leaving them feeling like you haven’t read their message at all. Is there a reason for the limited :heart:ing?


Well, the admins can probably set the limit to the likes. I assume that if you have infinite likes, there’s the possibility that people will use them indiscriminately and it will become somewhat difficult to tell which forum threads are truly popular or not.

Also, I’ve been able to continue liking something after hitting the limit. I just ignore the warning messages.

I’ve ignored the warnings, too, but when I refresh the thread or go back into the messages I <3ed the like is no longer there.

In that case, the only way to get more likes, unless you manage to change the admins’ minds, is to get to the next trust level.


Oo thank you!