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I work in a school library in Melbourne Australia :australia: I’m interested in starting a Postcrossing group as an extra curricular activity with the library as recipient to protect our students privacy. We would send mail as a group and make a display of the cards we receive. Our interests would be libraries, books and school life in your country/hometown.
Has anyone used Postcrossing as a group in this way?
We would also be interested in school to school exchanges where safety could be guaranteed.

I have seen group accounts that send cards.

As dar as swaps or tags, I’m not aware of any that have. But 1st time for everything

Yes, there are plenty of classrooms and libraries accounts.
Here is a card I sent to a school through their teacher. I think it was the school’s address:

If you mean you will list this as your preferences in your profile, I would keep it a bit broader e.g. say that, as well as books and libraries, a postcard depicting your town/anything nice is good and could you please tell us about school in your country? Because not everyone would have postcards depicting libraries and books available - I rarely do, but would be happy to send anything educational and talk a bit about school (as far as I can tell- I finished school 20 years ago and have no children!), or even better, about the library I use.
What I mean is, there are all sort of people on Postcrossing but certainly you can kindly ask to follow your topic where possible.

I think that also happens often, there are requests along those lines in this section of the forum and you can also post your own :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for all your comments. I’m excited to start our school library account.

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@secondhandrose I was browsing and I saw this post, could be useful: Looking for classroom exchanges!

(yes, I should be working…)

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just to add this link from Postcrossing FAQ, if you need an “official” answer :smiley:

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Hi! I am a school librarian in Beverly, Massachusetts. I have a postcrossing group I started this year at school. I have about 10 or 12 kids this year. When we can send a card, I offer the information to different students and give them some cards and stamps to pick (our PTO gave me some $$ for it). When the card is registered and we have a note from the recipient through Postcrossing I forward it to the students. I scan all the cards we receive to share with them electronically and also made a display. Next year I would like to do this as an in-person club (which I could not do this year because of covid) and have kids send and see the cards as a group but also supplement by finding classrooms around the world to send some cards to. I don’t know what grade your students are – mine are ages 10-14 (we have grades 5-8). Please message me if you have an interest in any direct exchanges! I also have a personal account at AlixW