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Edit: My information in this first post is completely wrong as you can see when you scroll down:

The old/legacy forum is going to be ineditible (Is that a word?) from tomorrow on, as far as I know. We are going to still be able to read all threads and posts but our accounts and personal messages are going to be deleted for data safety reasons.

I logged in today and lo and behold, I received a u2u a week ago but I didn’t have an email notification!
Previously, I had thought that it was their own fault for everyone who had participated in a tag in the old forum and then not read my u2us asking for their address because they failed to log in in two to three months which really is a long time. But now this happened to me and it might just have been a singular case but if it is not, it is not their fault for not keeping track of the tags they entered, but the system’s fault for not sending out notifications anymore. Has anyone else noticed this happening?
Not sure what to do about it, I think for now I’ll just note down everyone’s official username who hasn’t read my u2us in the last months and maybe contact them later via the official postcrossing website.

I advise everyone of you to log in one last time as soon as you can. There might be messages waiting for you that are going to be lost forever otherwise.


I never have read about that and it works

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Yay, then it’s probably just an individual problem, thank you @Bille :slight_smile:

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I put this in the General Topics to remind people to log into the old forum as long as they still can, I don’t really need help :thinking:
But it is good to know that the email notifications still work, just not this one time :slight_smile: And I’m pretty sure not everyone even has emails enabled.

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Just to be clear, nothing is about to be deleted. All threads/posts/U2U’s will remain accessible (as planned) and we have no plans to remove anything for the time being. But, all those things will become read-only so no more threads/posts/U2U’s can be made.

We continue to advise that anyone who has important data in there to make a copy somewhere else, but there’s no plans to shutdown anything and we’ll aim to keep it running for as long there is interest and it is feasible for us to do it.

For anyone who wishes to permanently remove their account/posts/U2U’s, please get in touch with one of the admins here via message.


I see! In that case I apologise for spreading false information, I guess I totally misunderstood that! :sweat_smile: That is very cool and that means that this topic is not necessary anymore, unless to inform about what is happening to the legacy forum. I’m gonna change the first post.

Just to make this clear for me: We will still be able to log into the legacy forum from tomorrow on? We just won’t be able to write anything?

The plan for Thursday onwards is that accounts can continue to login (this is needed to access U2Us) but it won’t be possible to create new post/threads/U2U’s. We might turn off emails as well, but I don’t know yet whether this is doable.

I don’t know if on the medium/long run this might change: keeping old software running is not just a pain but also a liability. And if time shows that nearly nobody is using the accounts, we may consider dropping account access in order to clear any remaining private data (mostly email addresses). But, we have no plans to do this on the short term and if we make changes to this policy, they will be posted there in advance.


Thank you very much for the explanation! I like the plan :+1:

That is good to hear - I had e-mailed to myself all the U2Us I still need (I think) but I hadn’t gone through them to check who had a different login there - in the e-mailed U2Us there’s only the forum login available (obviously).

Of course, I had 3 months to do that, and the plan was to do it over Christmas but… :wink: Luckily, the info stays available for now, which makes me very happy :slight_smile:

I haven’t used the old one recently

I had the same problem in November or December. But as I got only one u2u so far in that time I couldn’t verify and didn’t think about it any longer (as “Einmal ist keinmal”).

I tried forwarding a number of u2us to my e-mail yesterday as well and although it said the e-mails had been sent, not a single one actually arrived (and there’s nothing in the spam folder either). I tried again today, but still - nothing. I checked my settings and the e-mail address is the same I use for the official postcrossing and I haven’t changed anything there in ages anyway, so I’m not sure what the problem is. When the new forum became active I had already started forwarding some old messages to my e-mail, but as you have to do it one by one I only did a couple - no problems at all. But now … :thinking: I might try again later (what fun …), but if I still don’t get the e-mails, I might have to accept the fact and simply move one.

Please do try again because I just noticed there was a problem with the email setup on that server in the last few days. I just fixed it and emails should work again for now (I will however try to disable them permanently in the next few days).

I tried again and this time it worked. :+1:


Has the legacy forum been deleted/disconnected after all? I clicked on the tab in my browser where I had it open and all I get now is “Database connection error”. Or is it only temporary?

That was me :sweat_smile: — I have been doing long postponed work on the server now that it can be under maintenance for longer.

Again, no plan to disconnect the forum, but we do need to do some security updates in there which is what I’m doing. There’s barely anyone using it, but I’ll try to minimize those as much as I can. I expect things to stabilize in a few days.

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