LATVIA - Bying stamps

Right now I am on vacation in Latvia. I have been trying to find stamps for my postcards all day. Noone has and noone knows!
I have been to souvenir shops, kiosks and mini markets. Where in Riga can I find stamps??


I can’t be sure about Latvia but if it’s the same as Poland, you will find stamps only at a post office. Nobody else sells them, no kiosks, no souvenir shops, just the post. Can you try to find a post office tomorrow?

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I asked in one kiosk where the post officw is and they said: We don’t have one in this town…

According to the University of Latvia page, some kiosks and bookstores carry stamps

Also, you could perhaps try this site to search for post offices

The site @Seracker posted shows quite a few post offices in Riga, I’m sure you will be able to find one near your location. Maybe the person in the kiosk misunderstood what you were looking for.

Maybe… bought a postcard and asked for a stamp for it so I think she understood. But I will find a post office tomorrow!

try this website:

i had discover this free publication in the early 1990’s at first of the baltic states. but there are so much more guides. i would always try to find the “inyourpocket” at train stations tourist offices. but now its the 2020’s, can see on the internet. good luck.

Please check here post offices in Riga . There are lots in Riga ( I am from Riga) - they are all selling stamps.

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@bittersweet @Jul4ik
Maybe you could help?

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In post office

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Thank you all- I found today!
In Sweden it’s the opposite… we don’t have any post offices anymore and almost anyone who sells postcards also sell stamps.

@sara72b if you are staying in Riga city center, please check Origo shopping center nearby the railway station. The post office there is open during weekend and I guess longer business hours then regular ones. Otherwise there are quite a lot of regular post offices in Riga center :wink: but please note there are around 15 different tarrifs depending to where you plan to send your cards. So it is better to check with operator or you can DM, I will help you with that.