Late sending cards

Hi everyone

Recently I forgot to send my last batch of post cards and they are now expired. I had been super busy with work and Covid has us all stressed. I’m wondering should I message the accounts individually or should I let the element of surprise find its way. What would you do :thinking:

Thanks a mill


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I would just send them on their way. They are still able to be registered up until a year after you requested them so they will just be a little late.


I agree with @SuzyDoozy. Send the cards now.


Not ideal, but it happens sometimes. No need to let them know, perhaps when they register you can then message them and explain why it took that long, but that’s also up to you - I’m sure once or twice I received cards dated recently but the address was given a while before, or where the handwritten date and the postmark were weeks apart. I just imagined for some reason there was a delay and that’s it.


I would send them and add small note “sent on this and that day, sorry about the lateness” or something like that. I’ve received a few cards like that, and I like to know it’s the “original” and not for example a second card.


Don’t stress! As the recipient, a card in the mailbox is nice no matter when it comes vs. when the address was drawn. Seeing only the travel time, it would be impossible for me to know why the card took longer than usual to arrive. I wouldn’t assume the delay had anything to do with the sender, but rather the fact that mail sometimes takes a while for reasons unknowable. :woman_shrugging:

60 days is an arbitrary, but necessary time frame to keep the Postcrossing process moving along. Expired cards are not flawed in any way, nor are they a reflection of the sender or sender’s country. Your card is not a pizza; it’s not worth any less if it arrives past due!


Thank you all :kissing_heart:I have now posted them all :heart_eyes:hopefully they will arrive soon xx