Lantern Press account?

Does anyone have a wholesale Lantern Press account? I’d love to get some postcards, but not the $350 minimum order necessary for an initial order. I was thinking more like maybe $50.

I never bought any Latern Press products before but you can buy them on Amazon, and I don’t think you’d need to buy for a minimum of $350 there.

Thanks, but it looks like you can only get variety packs of 12 on Amazon, and I’d like to get multiple (50-100) of a limited number of designs (the website has 1000+ options!). Specifically, things like:

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Hmm I wonder if I could get enough interest to do a group purchase of varied designs if I set up an account.

Edit: looks like you need an actual seller’s license to do so. =(

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That would be likely worth asking about here for sure!

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There is a PostCrossing member who I believe sells Lantern Press postcards. But I forgot his name.

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Looks like is also an option:


Postcardbliss is wonderful! I’ve done special orders with them and been very happy.


This is something I’ve been looking for since I first came across Lantern Press postcards years ago - I love their designs. Thank you!

I bought 20 postcards of the Mohawk Trail (Route 2, central Massachusetts) from Lantern Press last year. No minimum. Cost me $20.

How were you able to make a purchase through them without a reseller account?

Very happy with my order from postcardbliss!