Korean translation needed 😊

Does anyone know the translation of this?
I think it’s a mushroom, but I’d like to have it’s Latin name…

Although I’m not Korean, I think it’s Tricholoma matsutake
Or you can search it using 송이버섯!

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太感謝了!매우 감사합니다!!

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No prob!
Just found out that we are the same age^^ How cool is that!

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Indeed, there is a big variety of ages in Postcrossing, that’s what makes it great!
And we share some common origins too :blush:

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hello from Korea! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

송이버섯 is “pine mushroom”.
as well as “matsutake mushroom”

a mushroom of which the stem is thick and long and the upper part is shaped like a sedge hat, with a unique smell and taste.

it is the specialty of Korea and very expensive.



Thank you @bohemienne for explaining! By the way, I love your username!

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