[Korean] help needed! 🇰🇷

Could someone from South Korea help us understand to which countries the post office there can send mail to at the moment? Perhaps by contacting their helpdesk or phone number, and getting a complete list?

We’ve been having trouble getting clear information from the post office for several months now, and at the moment postcrossers there don’t have enough addresses to send postcards to, as the group of countries available is really limited. :disappointed: This seems implausible, so we suspect we’re probably doing (or assuming) something wrong.

If you speak Korean and could offer to help Postcrossing in this task, please let us know! :pray:


The url above is official website from Korea Post, they update list of airmail each month.
(March list has been updated!)

The recent list is updated on 29 Mar 2021

the First column is for airmail, the second one is for surface mail.
O means available, X means not available,
and triangles means the service is only available for business partners of Korea post.

Despite of the list provided, Korean postcrossers have a difficulty with sending postcards at the post office, sometimes postcards are rejected to be sent. I guess staffs haven’t got the correct information because the circumstance changes quite often… :sweat: