[KNOWN ISSUE] Navigation Bar - graphic glitch

Hello - I noticed that there is a slight graphic glitch on the top navigation bar of the main website (not the forum). See image - it looks like the some buttons (parallelograms) have been broken down into their basic shapes.



I’ve noticed the same, it also “flickers” a little bit from time to time.

(Chrome on Windows 11)

This is a known issue but I’m afraid has no quick fix.

Can you check if your browser zoom level setting is at 100%? I’m guessing it’s at a different setting.

It’s at 100%.
I guess I just barely noticed that glitch now!

Mine was at 125 % (I need this, due to my bad eyesight), but - it’s also visible at 110 %, 100 % and 90 %.

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I’m at 150% (for windows screen scaling) and 100% for web browser zoom, because it’s nearly impossible to click anything in 100% scaled 4K resolution on smaller laptop screens and PC displays.

Might have always been there, but I recently changed monitors from FullHD to a highly color accurate 4K screen.

[Ctrl]+[0] would be the key combination to reset your webbrowser zoom back to 100%.

Totally different software, but kind of similar: I know that Citrix Workspace Agent has some issues if Windows has differently scaled monitors (like a 4K laptop screen with 200% scaling attached to a FullHD monitor with 100% scaling).
Mouse is the wrong size etc, until you fully uninstall and reinstall the Citrix Workspace Agent.

For this thing I’d first try disabling all extensions and making sure that the browser hasn’t any privacy settings preventing possible scripts to load. Could also be a font problem - if the font which should be there isn’t a default font in the set the browsers deliver (thus the font would need to be loaded from the website which could be prevented within browser privacy settings)

Now this is just my subconscious, but I classify this website-technically as a CSS error, because there is a frame around links exactly in the element that represents the menu.