Kindergarten class at Wilmer Elementary School

Want to help a kindergarten class? Send a postcard!

Alabama Kindergarten’s Global Quest: Fostering Cultural Awareness Through Postcards

A kindergarten teacher in Mobile County is looking for help on a project to help students learn about other countries — through postcards.

Karen Collier at Wilmer Elementary School wants to help her students learn about other countries, states, and cultures.

Mrs. Collier’s Kindergarten class
Wilmer Elementary
7456 Wilmer Georgetown Road
Wilmer, AL 36587
United States of America

I saw this article online and thought some of you would want to mail the Kindergarten class some postcards.


Hello :wave:
I am a nurse from England. I also love history. Would your class like a postcard about Florence Nightingale?

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I’m happy to send a postcard from New York State.

I will send a card from New Mexico!

a card from Florida is on it’s way. thanks

I can send from Latvia.

A card form Germany is written and on it’s way. :airplane:

Will be sending one from Hong Kong.

I’m happy to send a card.

Will send a card from Ireland!

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I will send cards from Japan!

I am sending a card from Washington state.

From Moscow, Russia

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This card is on its way :england:

I will send a card from California!

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I will send postcards from Brazil.

As a recently retired teacher, I’m happy to send a postcard from Canada. :canada: