Kilometers travelled

I have made a label with ID and weather icons, and I was thinking of also mentioning the kilometers my postcard had to travel to reach the destination.
But I was wondering if people would be interested in this information? :thinking:

I am not interested.
You should make a poll about this.

I think it’s like weather on postcards. Some postcrossers like it, some don’t want. I mean, it’s up to you anyway, so if you want to mention kilometres, do it. As for me, I enjoy the diversity in postcards and the way they are written.


I find these labels a waste of space. Sure, discuss it in your message, but it’s very boring when half the back of the card is a generic, decorative sticker.


That’s a cute idea. I like that!

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I find the information interesting, but not necessarily on the card - I can see that when I register the card at the PC site anyway. And I don’t like super large stickers at my cards :wink:


You could always make the labels, then read the profile of who you’re sending it to. If they talk about being interested in the weather, then you attach a label, if they don’t, then you save the label for another card.

This is one piece of information I almost always put on the card, but in a place where it won’t take away too much space from the message I am writing. Often I use the left edge of the card to write my ID the second time, as Postcrossing recommends, and there is room after that to write in the kilometers traveled. Or I squeeze it in someplace else. I figure, the people to whom it doesn’t matter can just ignore it, and the people to whom it is interesting will appreciate it.


I’ve seen, rarely, people just writing it on the card. To me, it is not interesting, I never paid attention to it until recently, when I noticed some of my cards (e.g. to the USA) travel 15,000 km… that’s a lot! :open_mouth: And “home” in Europe is like 10,000 km! Whaaat?! And Australia appears to be as far from here as Moscow?!

But yeah, until last year I never really noticed it.