Kickstarter postcard projects

Kickstarter is a website where we can help people realize their dreams/goals of sharing postcards with others. I was surprised and delighted when I did a search last night and found many active projects right now!

Projects run for a limited and short time–usually no more than a few weeks. Someone might choose to launch a business using Kickstarter, or they maybe have a passion to share cards they create this year. Creators might decide to send out only within specific geography, or they might ship worldwide.

I think PostCrossing is an excellent community of people and I want very much to share with like-minded individuals the wonderful opportunities we might find for postcards on Kickstarter.

  • Some of us might OBTAIN cards there
  • Some of us might SHARE our creative efforts there

Feel free to add your own Kickstarter discoveries!


This project is available for 27 more days

Special Delivery Postcards, via @Kickstarter


This one is available for 47 more hours

Roll Them Bones: A Dice Mini-Game Postcard Zine, via @Kickstarter

This one runs for 10 more days…
Make 100: Postcards from #dayinthelife of Hospice Worker, via @Kickstarter

This one runs for 30 more days…
Make 100 : Architecture Postcards I Muralla Roja I, via @Kickstarter

This one runs for 18 more days…
Willy’s Plant Illustration, via @Kickstarter


These are adorable, but only available to US citizens :frowning:

One project is from someone in Paris France.
One project is from someone in Russia.

Each project might or might not choose to send things worldwide.

The creator of each project decides … not all projects are US-only.

This is great! Thank you!
My daughter’s class was involved with a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago. They tested and were on video for a kids product. Now I need to look into what came of it. I just have to remember the name of the product or main guy…

Anyways, I’ll check those out that you posted!

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Bashful Ghost Postcards/Art Prints, via @Kickstarter

I’m really glad you posted a link to this one – I like the card designs (and tee shirt) a lot. Hopefully, he can hit his funding goal. I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and try to think of other places to promote the Kickstarter.

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Thanks for sharing, I backed Willy and he made his goal. Hope to receive his postcards in June :slight_smile:

Keep sharing nice projects involving postcards over here everyone!

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This project has 10 days to go and ships worldwide.
Moon Signs - set of 12 art postcards, via @Kickstarter

This one has 13 days to go and ships worldwide.
100 Pen & Ink Postcards, via @Kickstarter


Found this one today - there’s an option to pledge for 3 postcards or the whole set of 25 (or a lovely print instead)


I love them! Go go go UK based postcrossers, support this designer!

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Thank you for sharing! So many great Kickstarter projects for postcards!

This one will start soon, maybe you will be interested as well:

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I found this one today for the fans of H.P. Lovecraft

4 days to go!


They just reached their first stretch goal, wonder how that happened :wink:

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@ScubaET yes, indeed! Did you help that happen? :slight_smile:


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It reached 3 out of 4 stretch goals and is really close to the last one! :slightly_smiling_face:

One more day to go!