Kapstadt Mai 2024 Meet you?

We are on a tour of Cape Town on April 23rd - 25th, 2024. Would you like to show us your city one of these days? It’s just a question of whether you have time. I would be happy to read from you. Greetings from Cologne Monika


I moved your question to Africa, but I don’t know if we have members here from Cape Town or from South Africa in general.
Maybe it’s better you search on the main page for users and send them a message.

Hallo Monika!
I am currently staying in Cape Town - however, I will sadly not be available on the 23rd to 25th of April due to study commitments. I hope you will have a great time and let me know if you need any assistance or anything :slight_smile: I am sure you’ll have a great time in the “Mother City!” I might be available one of the evenings if you would like to meet up, perhaps at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, depending on where you are staying? I’m in Rondebosch.
Keep well!

Unfortunately I will only be in Cape Town from April 23rd to April 25th. My tour starts on April 26th on the Garden Route and ends on May 9th in Durban. Do you perhaps know someone in Cape Town or even Durban who has time for us on a day? We will be in Durban from May 6th to May 9th. Friends, relatives or anyone who can take Zeot for a few hours? A recommendation for where to eat Cyprian food in Cape Town? I would be happy to hear from you LG Monika monikaesser2@gmail.com

Hi, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I have asked around, and as it is the middle of the week, everyone I know will be working. But I do hope you have a great time in South Africa! And I am sorry that I am not able to help further at the moment. I also do not know of a Cyprian food place and I have asked around.
When in South Africa I recommend you try biltong - it’s a salted meat that is very popular here (unless you are vegetarian of course).
Once again I apologise for not being able to help you. If I do come across someone who is not busy on those days I will let you know soonest.
Enjoy South Africa! :slight_smile:
Warm regards, Robert