Just ask Americans would they send a postcard to their president

Hello Americans, my question to you would you write a postcard for your president, my thoughts are swimming through my head, so I ask you if you would do it?

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I think I’ve written a postcard TO a president only once, but I’ve written hundreds of postcards to get out the vote for elections which included a presidential race.


I would write one to Teddy Roosevelt. That’s about it for me :joy:

Thanks for your answer
If Teddy Roosevelt still would live. Would you still do it and send it in a postcard?

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Yes definitely. I bought a book about him but haven’t gotten to reading it yet, but a work friend recommended it. He was a big advocate for our national parks and preserving nature. So I think I would have definitely wrote a thank you of sorts. And I would definitely use a card from the subpar parks series.

I thank you for the goods. Answer When you walk through the park again, I’m the one who keeps the park clean. I’m an invisible employee. Maybe?

absolutely and I do